The City of Shamokin is seeking a qualified environmental consultant with the capacity to conduct and prepare Phase I and Phase II Assessments, Remedial Action Plans, Quality Assurance Project Plans, and Sampling and Analysis Plans to provide environmental professional services to implement the City of Shamokin U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) Community-Wide Brownfields Assessment Grants Project. In 2021, the U.S. EPA awarded the city a $300,000 Community-Wide Brownfield Assessment Grant for hazardous substances.

Download the SEDA-COG RFP for Shamokin QEP with Attachment for more details.

Question and Answers

  1. 1. Under #4 would a list of current U.S. EPA contracts be acceptable to fulfill this item? For a team, to list all contracts could be an exceptional large list, much of which would not be relevant to this type of work. Also, the RFP asks for contacts for every contract and separately requests references under #7. Would it be acceptable to only list the client name under #4 and provide specific references with full contact information under #7? The only difference is in #4 we are asking for references of clients that you are currently working with, and #7 would be previous professional engagements. I certainly don’t need your entire list, of course. If you provide a few for each, and then state that a full list would be available upon request, that is adequate.
  2. 2. Under #5 Example Remediation Documents – Can you please provide more clarification of what you require? Remedial documents are typically hundreds, if not thousands of pages per report. Could we provide example documents via a single USB drive to eliminate a lot of printing and shipping expenses? If you provide executive summaries and merely state that full reports available upon request, that would certainly be acceptable for me!
  3. 3. Upon our review of the RFQ, I was wondering if you could please provide us with some guidance on what types of remediation documents that the City of Shamokin is interested at reviewing as part of our response to the RFQ? I know that the city is going to face remediation needs such a lead paint, asbestos, waste management – amongst others. If you could just provide a few executive summaries of remediation plans with the wording that full reports are available upon request, that would be sufficient for our needs.
  4. I was trying to locate a copy of the June 26, 2020 Shamokin Brownfields inventory grant final end of project report prepared by AECOM – is this available? Please see this document attached.