Meet our Team

Our staff is here to help you meet your goals. Our core values are Service, Expertise, Growth, Advocacy, Innovation, and Leadership. We are a committed team of people dedicated to serving your needs and improving your quality of life. SEDA-COG builds strong economies and strong communities.

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Last Name First Name Department Title eMail
Adams Jordan Administration Maintenance/Custodial Technician
Aikey Kay Transportation; Joint Rail Authority Program Assistant
Anderson Stacy Housing Program Analyst
Beaver Nina Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Bohart Christine Weatherization Program Assistant
Brininger Jeremy Weatherization Auditor/Project Manager
Brown John Administration Executive Director
Brown Robert Procurement Director
Burger Michael Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Carnes Jamie Housing Fiscal Analyst
Clark Scott ITG IT Specialist
Cook Amy Housing Custodian (part-time)
Dombroski Tyler Community Development Sr. Program Analyst
Fisher Nathan Weatherization Crew Leader
Fisher Michael Administration Assistant Executive Director
Forry Terry Weatherization Crew Leader
Fox Mandy Weatherization Chief
Gair Benjamin Housing Manager
Gallagher-Long Mitzi Community Development Project Coordinator
Goss Brian Weatherization Energy Technician
Hannon Chris Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Hartman Vanessa Housing Sr. Program Analyst
Heebner Jennifer Procurement Program Analyst
Heintzelman Kristy Weatherization Program Assistant
Herman Steve Transportation Principal Program Analyst
Herman Elizabeth Administration Communications Manager
Herrold Katie Community Development Program Assistant
Hogan Nicole Community Development Program Assistant
Hornberger Bo Administration Fiscal Controller
Hosler, Sr. Robert Weatherization Energy Technician
Kelly-Weisen Heather Community Development Project Coordinator
Kemberling Angie Community Development Program Assistant
Kiel Don Transportation Sr. Principal Program Analyst
King Danielle Housing Program Assistant
Konkle Lisa Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Konkle Scott Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Konkle Josh Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Kramer Scott ITG Principal IT Specialist
Kramer Betsy Economic Development Revitalization Coordinator
Kuhns Jeffrey Weatherization Energy Technician
Kuhns Nathan Weatherization Energy Technician
Lewis Katherine GIS Program Analyst
Lloyd Kristen Community Development Program Assistant
Lockwood Elizabeth Economic Development; Census Information; Industrial Infrastructure; PREP Manager, Project Development/Grants, Economic Development
Long Noelle Export Assistance Director
Markley Erik Weatherization Program Manager
McLaughlin Kristin Community Development Sr. Program Analyst
Miller Rebecca Administration Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Moyer Kristen Administration Community Relations Director
Moyer Timothy Weatherization Senior Energy Technician
Noll Thomas Weatherization Crew Leader
Nyman Annette Fiscal Administration Principal Program Analyst
Opie Robert Weatherization Energy Technician
Orner Rose Administration Executive Assistant
Osgood Leslie Housing Chief, Rental Operations
Owens Amanda Administration Human Resources Manager
Postupack Kyle Joint Rail Authority Property Manager / Director of Maintenance of Way
Provost Teri Housing Director, Housing Rehabilitation
Reichard John Finance Senior Relationship Manager II
Reichard Cylinda Administration Program Assistant/Receptionist
Renninger Matthew Weatherization Crew Leader
Rhine Ron Weatherization Crew Leader
Rhodes-Wolf Denise Economic Development Program Assistant
Ruch Glenda Community Development Director
Ruch Joel Housing Rehabilition Specialist
Rudy Shannon Community Development Project Coordinator
Ruth George Weatherization Crew Leader
Saylor James Transportation Program Director
Shawver Timothy Weatherization Senior Energy Technician
Sheetz Ron Weatherization Energy Technician
Shirey Charles Weatherization Senior Energy Technician
Showers Tina Finance Principal Program Analyst
Smith Karen Finance Program Assistant
Sterling Linda Community Development Project Coordinator
Stover Jeff GIS; Joint Rail Authority; Transportation Chief
Stover Rodney Housing Maintenance (part-time)
Stringer Ron Weatherization Senior Energy Technician
Wagner William Weatherization Senior Energy Technician
Wiest Ruth Finance; Housing Program Assistant
Wilburn Douglas Finance Director/Loan Officer
Will Christopher Weatherization Energy Technician
Zarick George Housing Rehabilitation Specialist
Zeigler Geralee Community Development Project Coordinator