Through SEDA-COG, counties and municipalities in Central Pennsylvania have a voice in the state’s transportation plans. Working together with SEDA-COG, local government, the business community, and non-profit organizations establish the region’s transportation priorities.

Those priorities are detailed in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), updated by SEDA-COG every two years and often amended. There are numerous opportunities for public participation in developing the TIP, including its periodic review by SEDA-COG’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The TIP encompasses the first four years of the Commonwealth’s Twelve Year Transportation Program. Below are links for the current SEDA-COG TIP and Commonwealth Twelve Year Program.

SEDA-COG TIP (adopted for Federal Fiscal Years 2023-2026)

TIP Visualization tool (allows users to access information and maps for specific projects on the TIP)

PennDOT One Map (allows users to map and obtain information for highway / bridge projects and permits)

Among major projects in the region is the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway (CSVT)Click here for the CSVT Special Impact Study webpage and here for the study’s project webmap.

Pennsylvania’s Twelve Year Program (Project Listing and Narrative for FFYs 2023-2034)

Upcoming Meetings:

May 6, 2024 – Draft 2025 TIP Public Meeting (hybrid meeting)

May 15, 2024 – Middle Susquehanna Active Transportation Committee (hybrid meeting)

May 21, 2024 – US 15 Corridor Study Public Meeting

May 22, 2024 – SEDA-COG Board of Directors Meeting (hybrid meeting)

June 14, 2024 – SEDA-COG MPO Meeting (hybrid meeting)

June 26, 2024 – SEDA-COG Board of Directors Meeting (hybrid meeting)

August 9, 2024 – SEDA-COG MPO Meeting (hybrid meeting)


Transportation planning services are available in the following counties:


Transportation Alternatives Program

• Projects which go beyond normal elements of a transportation improvement project.
• Unique, creative actions to integrate transportation into communities and the natural environment.
• Can be stand-alone projects or implemented as part of an ongoing transportation project.
• SEDA-COG can assist sponsors throughout project development steps.

Transit and Aviation Services

• Planning assistance to local transit systems and airports.
• Evaluate needs.
• Assist in development of solutions and funding recommendations.
• Represent local air and transit needs to the state.
• Help secure funding to implement demonstration programs.

State & Federal Funding Programs
SEDA-COG Transportation Program staff can assist project sponsors with navigating a variety of state or federal programs that fund transportation upgrades, including:

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact staff for information and guidance on these programs. SEDA-COG also has a review and comment role for applications submitted under most of these funding programs.