Member Counties

Each of SEDA-COG’s 11 member counties are represented by two individuals, one of whom is a County Commissioner.  Each county’s Board of Commissioners recommends an individual to serve as that county’s second representative on SEDA-COG’s Board.

County Representatives on SEDA-COG’s Board
Commissioner Mark Higgins
Lisa Strickland, Ferguson Township Supervisor
Commissioner Jeffrey A. Snyder
Steve Stevenson, Lock Haven City Councilman
Commissioner Richard Ridgway
George Forese, S&B Foundry, Owner
Commissioner Mark Partner
Scott Fritz, First National Bank of Mifflintown, CEO
Commissioner Scott L. Metzger  
Howard W. Fry, III, Fry’s Fire Systems, Owner
Commissioner Kevin P. Kodish
James Shilling, Jr., Kish Bank EVP, Sr Lending Officer
Commissioner Kenneth A. Holdren
Brian Wiktor, Members Choice Financial Credit Union, VP or Loan Operations
Commissioner Samuel J. Schiccatano
Greg Klebon, State Farm Insurance Representative
Commissioner Brenda Watson
Larry Reisinger, Retired
Commissioner Joseph Kantz
Dennis Van Benthuysen, Colonial Furniture, President
Commissioner Preston R. Boop
Char Gray, East Buffalo Township Manager

Board Officers – 2021

  • Commissioner Mark Partner, President
  • Commissioner Kevin Kodish, First Vice President
  • Commissioner Mark Higgins, Second Vice President
  • Mr. Larry Reisinger, Secretary
  • Mr. Dennis Van Benthuysen, Treasurer