SEDA-COG is accepting preapplications for Appalachian Regional Commission Area Development and Local Access Road programs grants through July 30, 2024.

The Appalachian Region Commission (ARC) is an economic development partnership agency of the federal government and 13 state governments including Pennsylvania. PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) partners with ARC to identify and support projects that will build community capacity and strengthen economic growth in the Appalachian counties of Pennsylvania to reach socioeconomic parity with the nation.

SEDA-COG is a community and economic development agency in Lewisburg and is one of seven Local Development Districts in Pennsylvania. SEDA-COG enhances the quality of life and economic advantage for residents and businesses in the 11 central Pennsylvania counties through its vital partnerships and initiatives.


  • – Non-profit organizations
  • – Public entities

Grant Amounts (estimated)

Required Match

  • – Area Development Grants: Match required; can include, cash, in-kind, and other secured funding sources; in-kind should not be more than 50% of total match
  • – Local Access Road Grants: Match not required but is highly recommended to remain competitive

ARC Funding Priorities

  • – ARC awards grants to projects that align to one of the five goals outlined in their strategic plan, SEDA-COG’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, and that can demonstrate measurable results
  • – Ready for implementation by spring/summer 2025 and can show that non-federal matching funds are committed
  • – Creating/retaining jobs, leverage private investment, starting/improving business
  • – Area Development Grants: Building Appalachian businesses and workforce; community leaders and capacity; regional culture and tourism; and infrastructure
  • – Local Access Road Grants: Seek, develop, and upgrade publicly owned roads into major job centers (e.g., business parks, health complexes, arenas, etc.); roads must be built to PennDOT standards and require federal/state prevailing wage to be paid

Additional Factors to Consider

  • – Match must be secured at time of preapplication; a full application will not be invited if match is not secured. You can pledge reserves as match and then substitute new revenue or grant award later; however, this option should not be utilized unless you are willing to use your reserves if your options fall short.
  • – Focus on equipment, staffing, planning, design, or technical assistance versus construction.
  • – This is a reimbursement grant; once you execute the contract, you will submit invoices after each 120-day period. Only purchases made AFTER you receive the grant will be reimbursable by ARC or considered allowable expenses for match.
  • – Federal wage rate (Davis Bacon Act) is required for grant and matching funds.
  • – Project budgets for supplies should be less than $5,000 and equipment should be over $5,000.
  • – Higher education projects: Include the job placement rate of graduates for Appalachia and non-Appalachia counties. ARC and DCED like to see 80% of graduates stay within Appalachia. If your number is not this high, please provide justification based on job centers/clusters. ARC takes notice of current Community College of Appalachia members.
  • – Construction projects: Area Development and Local Access Road require a federal cognizant agency, often referred to as a BFA (Basic Federal Agency), to administer the project (e.g., PA DCED, USDA, Army Corp of Engineers, EDA, etc.); the PA DCED office can serve as the BFA for Area Development if no other federal funds are involved in the project; PennDOT serves as the BFA for Local Access Road projects.

Process and Timeline

  • – Now: Contact SEDA-COG to determine eligibility of project
  • – July 30, 2024: Deadline to submit preapplication to SEDA-COG
  • – Mid-August 2024: Preapplication due to DCED
  • – Late fall 2024: Applicants notified if selected for full application

   If selected to submit full application

  • – December 2024–January 2025: Full application due
  • – January–spring/summer 2025: Review at state level and then federal level
  • – Spring/summer 2025: Applicants selected for funding

     If awarded grant

  • – August–October 2025: Contract period likely to start

For more information and to see if your project qualifies, contact,

Betsy Lockwood
Project Development/Grants Director


Denise Wolf
Program Analyst