With three housing rehabilitation grants recently awarded in the region, there’s an even greater opportunity for general contractors to work with municipalities and SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG).

Contractor work may include structural, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating/furnace, window replacement, radon mitigation, energy-related improvements, and, if they have certain certifications, lead-based paint mitigation.

Housing rehabilitation bids typically range from $20,000 to $65,000, with timely payment to contractors.

SEDA-COG strives to work with local contractors to invest in the local economy, said Teri Provost, director of SEDA-COG’s Housing Rehabilitation program.

“Not only do these grant awards benefit the community and homeowners, but the local economy as we seek to work with local general contractors to perform this work,” Provost said.

While the $500,000 grants were each awarded to Berwick Borough, Jersey Shore Borough, and Mount Carmel Township, SEDA-COG also works with housing rehabilitation programs in the Town of Bloomsburg, City of Lock Haven, Milton, Mount Carmel, and South Williamsport boroughs, the City of Sunbury, and Juniata, Montour, Snyder, and Sullivan counties.

This means work flexibility for contractors, Provost said.

“Contractors can choose where they want to work, so there’s tremendous work flexibility,” Provost said. “Additionally, our work is year-round, so we offer a steady flow of projects. And if they don’t want to perform lead-based paint mitigation, we don’t require that certification for lead-free homes.”

Interested contractors also have the option of meeting one-on-one with SEDA-COG to answer any questions they may have. SEDA-COG streamlines the process for contractors with a rehabilitation specialist assigned to each community.

For more information, contact SEDA-COG’s Danielle King at 570-524-4491 or dking@seda-cog.org.