The City of Shamokin is experiencing a downtown revitalization, and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center has taken notice, bestowing the Shamokin Partnership for Revitalization with a 2024 Townie Award.

The award was presented in the area of physical improvement and design for public space improvement at Illumination Station Pocket Park.

The Townie Awards are a celebrated and long-standing tradition aimed at honoring key communities and individuals within the commonwealth who develop and execute projects, programs, and events that align with the goals of the Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s community revitalization mission. Nearly 200 member organizations, including those participating in Main Street and Elm Street programs, are eligible to compete for these prestigious awards, making the Townies a highly competitive annual event.

On hand to accept the award were Betsy Kramer, community revitalization manager at SEDA-Council of Governments and project manager for GoShamokin, Justin Bainbridge, downtown manager for the City of Shamokin, and Sean Garrigan of Stomberg, Garrigan & Associate.

Through its revitalization plan, GoShamokin, the Shamokin Partnership for Revitalization has already undertaken several projects that display the transformative power of community-driven initiatives, with many more projects planned.

Illumination Station Pocket Park stands as a shining example of what has already been accomplished. Located in the heart of Shamokin, this project turned two unsightly, blighted buildings into a welcoming place where individuals of all ages can gather, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. Moreover, Illumination Station Pocket Park embodies the spirit of community collaboration. From the initial planning stages to the ongoing maintenance efforts, this project has brought together residents, local businesses, and civic organizations in a shared commitment to revitalizing the cityscape. Through their dedication and hard work, they have demonstrated what can be achieved when communities unite behind a common vision.

“This award is a testament to the Shamokin community’s remarkable spirit and resilience. Together, we’ve turned challenges into opportunities, creating spaces like Illumination Station Pocket Park that infuse joy and vitality into the downtown of Shamokin,” remarked Betsy Kramer, community revitalization program manager at SEDA-COG.

“As downtown manager for the City of Shamokin, this recognition from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center motivates us to continue our work in making Shamokin a vibrant, inclusive, and welcoming place for all,” said Justin Bainbridge.

“The prestigious Townie Award from the Pennsylvania Downtown Center speaks to the great achievements that the City of Shamokin and all of its community partners have been able to accomplish. Illumination Station represents one more step in the growing vibrancy of Downtown Shamokin,” Sean Garrigan of Stromberg, Garrigan & Associates stated.

The community of Shamokin not only has plans for the repurposing and reuse of other vacant properties throughout the city but also the incorporation of a “Complete Streets” strategy. This strategy considers safe access to streets for all people who need to use them, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

The Shamokin Partnership for Revitalization was established in 2018 between the City of Shamokin, SEDA-COG, and Shamokin Area Businesses for Economic Revitalization (SABER). As the revitalization has evolved, the city was able to forge a new partnership with the Shamokin Area Economic Development Authority (SAEDA) and bring onboard a new downtown manager, Justin Bainbridge in 2024.

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