In early March 2021, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) into law. As part of the Act, local counties and municipalities received stimulus funding. Immediately after the interim rule governing the regulations of ARPA were released, SEDA-COG staff became students of the applicable federal requirements to assist local governments and ensure the funds are administered in compliance with regulation. One of the immediate needs for many ARPA recipients is to calculate the revenue loss realized during the pandemic. SEDA-COG is pleased to offer revenue loss calculation services to our region.

According to Kim Wheeler, SEDA-COG’s executive director, “As Central PA’s regional community and economic development agency, it is our normal job to work with both the federal and state governments to bring the needed financial, human, and technical resources to the 295 communities of our region. But in moments of crisis, whether it is a natural disaster or public health crisis such as a pandemic, we exist and stand ready to serve as a support system for those in need in our 11-county region. It’s in our mission to be an extension of services for our counties and municipalities. Therefore, it was a natural role for SEDA-COG staff to immerse themselves into the legislation so that we can provide technical assistance, including determining how we can calculate the revenue loss for our municipalities,” stated Wheeler.

If municipalities and counties are seeking assistance they should contact, Kristen Moyer, SEDA-COG’s community relations director, at or 570-522-7212.

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