On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, from 9-10 a.m., SEDA-COG and the American Red Cross are partnering to host an Emergency Action Plan training session, light refreshments will be served. This event will be held at the Central PA Chamber of Commerce, 30 Lawton Lane Milton, PA 17847. Registration is required for this event. The link to register for this event can be found here: https://seda-cog.org/events/event/emergency-action-plan-training/

During the pandemic, it was discovered that 40 percent of businesses fail following a disaster. With the use of ReadyRating.org, this training will provide the tools for non-profits, businesses of all sizes, and more to become equipped to face any kind of emergencies.

This in-person workshop delivers the means and the contacts for businesses to work at their own pace to upgrade their level of preparedness. There are tools to enhance already existing emergency plans and to build plans from scratch.

“It’s important to prepare for possible emergencies because they can strike suddenly at any time and any place. There are three steps everyone can take that can help make a difference: be prepared, get connected, and take action,” states the Emergency Preparedness Guide from the American Red Cross.

SEDA-COG is a community and economic development agency in Lewisburg and is one of seven Local Development Districts in Pennsylvania. SEDA-COG enhances the quality of life and economic advantage for residents and businesses in the 11 central Pennsylvania counties through its vital partnerships and initiatives.

For more information, please contact Elaine Stauder, communications coordinator, SEDA-Council of Governments, at 570-522-7249 or estauder@seda-cog.org