Borough of Milton proposes to use a recently approved Community Development Block Grant to bring six curb cuts on Turbot Avenue, Milton, into compliance with current standards for handicapped accessibility. The work will be done in conjunction with a resurfacing project. This Request for Proposals seeks to engage the services of a Project Engineer for design, bidding, and construction management, including the entire project from design to final inspection.

It should be recognized by all proposers that the Scope of Services included herewith might exclude some minor, incidental Engineering responsibilities not currently identifiable.

Quotations shall include the attached “Standard Engineering Estimate” and be submitted to:

Jess Novinger, Borough Manager
Milton Borough Building
2 Filbert Street
Milton, PA 17847

All quotations shall be sealed and clearly marked on the outside, “Engineering Services Quotation,” and must be received by 10 AM, prevailing time, July 15, 2022. At 10:00 AM, they will be publicly opened at the Milton Borough Office, 2 Filbert Street, Milton PA.

Questions regarding this quotation should be directed to:

Linda Sterling, Project Coordinator
201 Furnace Road
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Download: Milton Borough Turbot Ave Curb Cuts-RFQ