Centre County has contracted with SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) to administer its Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds.

While SEDA-COG’s Community Development program had administered its competitive CDBG funds, this new contract allows the agency to administer the county’s entitlement CDBG and Coronavirus Response (CDBG-CV) funds.

SEDA-COG offers a comprehensive suite of grant services from application to compliance to administration, said Mitzi Gallagher-Long, the SEDA-COG Community Development project coordinator who works with Centre County.

“We secure grants and deliver projects with our full suite of grant services,” Gallagher-Long said.

The current contracts with SEDA-COG are 2016 to 2020 entitlement CDBG funds and 2020 CDBG-CV funds.

The CDBG-CV funds for Centre County are $166,152, and $66,574 for Centre County on behalf of Bellefonte Borough.

Centre County’s CDVG-CV funds will go toward Emergency Services Assistance Program ($40,875); Centre Volunteers in Medicine ($10,000); Centre Safe ($10,000); Centre County rent/mortgage/utility assistance program ($45,377); Small Business Assistance Program ($43,300); and SEDA-COG administration ($16,600).

The funds for Bellefonte Borough will go toward the Bellefonte Utility and Rent Assistance Program ($59,974) and administration ($6,600).

SEDA-COG’s Community Development program administers 14 CDBG contracts for 28 communities. Over 35 years, the program has secured $120 billion for over 1,000 projects with its 12 dedicated staff.

SEDA-COG enhances the quality of life and economic advantage for residents and businesses in 11 central Pennsylvania counties through its vital partnerships and initiatives. SEDA-COG also is an advocate for the interests of its communities at the state and federal levels. For more information, visit www.seda-cog.org.