The Town of Bloomsburg anticipates applying for a 2020 $500,000 housing rehabilitation grant and interested residents should apply now to get on the waiting list for the no-cost repairs.

If awarded, eligible residents may receive up to $65,000 each for home repairs.

Interested residents may call SEDA-COG’s Stacy Anderson at 800-326-9310.

Eligible repairs include structural, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating/furnace, window replacement, radon and lead-based paint mitigation, and energy-related improvements. Also included are modifications for mobility-impaired residents. There is no cost to homeowners who maintain home residency over a five-year period from the date of signing.

SEDA-Council of Governments (SEDA-COG) manages the entire process for the homeowner, said Teri Provost, director of the agency’s Housing Rehabilitation program.

“The homeowner not only can get necessary home repairs but go through the process hassle-free as we manage the process,” Provost said.


  • Own the home or have Life Rights to live in it;
  • Meet income qualifications based on household size;
  • Be current on local taxes and municipal utility bills;
  • Provide proof of homeowner’s insurance;
  • Live in the home an additional five years.

Additional requirements may apply.

Annual Gross Income Limits:
Family size: 1 – $36,800; 2 – $42,050; 3 – $47,300; 4 – $52,550; 5 – $56,800; 6 – $61,000; 7 – $65,200; 8 – $69,400.